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make your body your weapon

Enrollment in krav maga, self-defence and hand-to-hand combat groups opened

Training schedule:

Kyiv, “Vokzalna” or “Universitet” Underground Station. 75 Zhylianskaya St



Minimal age requirement: 15 years.

woman preventively kicks man to the groin from a large distance

Demonstrations at Bersi 2017

On March 25, 2017, our team performed demonstrations at the 32e Festival des Arts Martiaux. We are the first team from Ukraine to perform on the Bercy stage since 1989.

Woohoo! We did it!

Our team before performing demonstrations at 17 Bersi martial arts festival

Krav Maga & Combatives is a club of the Ukrainian Combatives Federation, which is engaged in the development and popularization of hand-to-hand combat, self-defense, survival techniques in extreme situations, as well as in modern society.

Combatives is a term for military-hand-to-hand combat techniques that formed around the beginning of World War II. Combatives of that time were built around techniques from judo, ju-jitsu, some Chinese systems, as well as principles taken from the criminal environment with an emphasis on simplicity and efficiency. Nowadays combatives is a set of techniques and methods of hand-to-hand combat, that are based on time-tested principles of the war years. Combatives takes consideration in the modern trends of martial arts and the realities of modern human.

Krav Maga is a combatives system created in Israel. Literal translation means contact (maga) fight (krav). Like many other combatives systems, krav maga is based on several principles: simplicity, the transition from defensive to offensive technique, usage of improvised tools, attack of vulnerable points. This system turned out to be so adaptive that it quickly went beyond the limits of army training.

Why we?

two krav maga fighters fighting at close quarters

Complete hand-to-hand combat system with clear methodology, tactics and effective technical arsenal

man punches heavy bag

Simple and logical training curriculum, accessible for understanding and mastering in a short time

woman uses elbows against larger opponent

Simulation of various conflict situation. Technique stress testing

krav maga functional training at Hydropark Kyiv

Functional fitness training designed specifically for the strikers

krav maga and combatives students and instructors after successful exams

Regular certification from Ucrainian Combatives Federation

drills for practicing palm strikes and elbow covering defense

The opportunity to participate in specialized seminars

Krav Maga students sparr at the beach

Summer training camps.

Kseniya Moshykhina posing with her students

Qualified and attentive but demanding instructors

big group photo after intense training session

Friendly and productive training atmosphere


instructor demonstrates elbow strike to the chin

Intro (beginner course)

  • Beginner self-defense skills based on natural instinctive reactions
  • Threat types and counteraction algorithms
  • Conflict patterns
  • Effective strikes and defenses from a various distances
  • Escapes from holds

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groin strike while defending against armed opponent


  • Base course of close quarters hand-to-hand combat
  • Complex attack and defense techniques (combos, slips, counter-attacks)
  • Correct use of improvised and special tools for combat
  • Sparring sessions according to various sports rules
  • Transition from striking to holds and from holds to striking

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Krav Maga

Krav Maga is an Israeli system of hand-to-hand combat and self-defense. Krav Maga is built on techniques that originate from boxing, ju-jitsu, judo, wrestling. The main goal of the Krav Maga is the destruction of any enemy capabilities for further attacks.

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ТАКТІКА Combatives

ТАКТІКА Combatives is the Ukrainian system of hand-to-hand combat and tactical training. “TAKTIKA” was created as a fundamentally new and most effective discipline using international experience in the field of hand-to-hand combat and self-defense, the characteristics of psychology, biomechanics and human physiology.

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Boris Bidichev - combatives instructor

Bidichev Borys

Borys Bidichev has been practicing martial arts and hand-to-hand combat since 1982. He has master’s levels (black belt) in several martial arts. He has been a teacher and adviser on hand-to-hand combat and special training for the Ukrainian National Guard and the Armed Forces personnel. Borys Bidichev is the founder of international programs TAKTIKA Combat Systems, TAKTIKA Combatives, and Ukrainian Taktika programs. Founder and president of Ukrainian Combatives Federation

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Kseniya Moshykhina - combatives and krav maga instructor

Kseniya Moshykhina

Martial arts practicioner since 2004. She is an expert in self-defense, personal security, and special physical training. She has the national bodyguard qualification. Also she is an instructor of krav maga and aggressive training methods; Fairbairn Defendu system instructor, ICS instructor, UCF third (Advanced) level instructor. Kseniya Moshykhina is a director and second vice president of UCF.

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Birulia Oleksandr - combatives instructor

Birulia Oleksandr

He has been studying hand-to-hand combat according to TAKTIKA Combatives program since 2015. Specialist in self-defense and specialised physical training. UCF first (Intro) level instructor.

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    Kyiv, “Vokzalna” or “Universitet” Underground Station. 75 Zhylianskaya St
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