Base course of close quarters hand-to-hand combat

You will learn:

  • resources and threats
  • self-protection tactics
  • complex defensive moves
  • complex striking techniques
  • special resources – weapons and adapted weapons

You will practice:

  • additional hand strikes from short, middle and long distances
  • complex defences («combined huts», «complex frames», variations of «wedge» and «trap»), slips, strafes and dips.
  • additional «low» and basic «high» kicks
  • sparring sessions according to various sports rules
  • transition from striking to holding and from holding to striking

Equipment: comfortable sportswear and shoes with a hard toe. You will need hand-to-hand combat gloves and hard shin guards. Mouthguard usage is mandatory. Also, you are encouraged to train with individual self-protection gear such as hand wraps, elbow, and knee pads. All other equipment for the training session is given out by the instructor.

Basic program includes elements from “Tactical & Urban Kobudo” – tactical usage of cold weapons and adapted weapons in close quarters combat.

foot stomp against rear body hold
krav maga instructor demonstrates kick to the knee against opponent with a knife
drill for using elbows against hand holds
hand block against knife to the body strike
sparring sessions during hand-to-hand seminar
defence against knife with body control at combatives seminar