Intro (beginner course)

Program teaches basic self-defense skills based on natural instinctive reactions.

You will learn:

  • threat types
  • conflict types
  • behavioral patterns
  • counteraction algorithms

You will practice:

  • Various hand strikes from short, middle and long distances
  • Basic instinctive defense moves («hut», «wedge», «frame» and «trap»)
  • «low» (Down from the groin) kicks.
  • escapes from holds
  • safety techniques in case of falls
  • basic fighting skills on the ground

Equipment: comfortable sportswear, no shoes. You will need hand-to-hand combat gloves. If you do not have them, you can borrow a pair from the instructor. Also, you are encouraged to train with individual self-protection gear such as mouthguard, hand wraps, elbow, and knee pads. All other equipment for the training session is given out by the instructor.

krav maga instructor demonstrates elbow strike to the side of the head
elbow drill using boxing pads
hand defence against punches
defence against punches using elbows and covering during krav maga exam
hand-to-hand combat punching drill
elbow strike demonstration during krav maga exam